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What entices couples, families, groups of friends and individuals to Costa Rica? It could be the blissful beauty of the countryside filled with fresh air, breathtaking flowers or maybe it is the colorful plants and the endless wildlife to see. Whatever combination of reasons makes this Central American region a special travel destination. Anyone who has ever been in Costa Rica knows they will come home feeling like a new person, totally relaxed and invigorated.

What family would not absolutely enjoy a Costa Rica trip? There is so much to see and do as a family, such as exploring caves, experiencing a volcano first hand or finding out what the cloud forests are all about. Some Families celebrate the day with a picnic lunch at the beach, swimming and shell hunting. The kids stand to learn something from exploring the beautiful butterfly gardens, reptile parks and the intriguing wildlife parks.

Romantic couple enjoying the beachMany Couples book romantic vacations to experience long walks and romantic evenings. There is nothing like renting a hotel room with your own private terrace alongside the beach, enjoying your morning coffee, listening to the crashing waves and smelling the fine ocean air with your loved one.

Oftentimes Groups of Friends will hire tour guides to show them some of the highlights of this tropical paradise. You can schedule a half day tour or a full day to see the sights. After touring the sights all day, friends enjoy each others company while shopping for trinkets and checking out the nightlife.

Costa Rica is a great destination for Individuals too. The scenery alone is enough to entice hikers to explore every nook and cranny of the country. Individuals that want to scuba dive can join other groups to explore what lies beneath the warm waters. You can make a day of it, renting rafting or kayaking equipment for a minimal amount of money.

With all the various activities that are available for couples, individuals, groups of friends or families, an escapade to Costa Rica is perfect for all. Come to explore this beautiful country, because you all are sure to have a good time!

Why Costa Rica is ideal for you?

Costa Rica is a popular location, this nation is home to some of the world’s most stunning vistas and enjoys a rich and diverse environment. The country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea making it an ideal spot for sun worshipers and surfers.

Costa Rica wildlife photoThis is a tropical nation with a rich biodiversity that includes everything from whales to monkeys. This extreme diversity is not limited to animals however. Travelers will find that the country, though small, manages to hold within its borders rainforest, volcanoes, and nearly everything in between. Extreme Costa Rica vacations that focus on adrenaline pumping action are an ever popular draw for tourists. Rafting, hang gliding, and wind surfing continues to attract tourists the world over.

Ecotourism is a big draw especially with the attention to preservation of the country’s diverse rainforests. Tourists travel to the country to take part in some of the best ecotourism in Central America. Canopy tours are popular and allow visitors to take a unique bird’s eye view of the rainforest and its inhabitants. For those that wish to see the view from the canopy walk but prefer a more laid-back activity will love the aerial tram. The aerial tram is a comfortable and relaxing way to travel through the canopies.

This tropical destination truly has something for everyone. Hiking, kayaking, surfing, and even bird watching are available here. With such a unique and diverse nation visitors find that there is never a lack of something to do. Whether it is immersing yourself in the local culture through cuisines, tours or local museums, this paradise will surely be able to accommodate your desires.

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