Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort

Costa Rica is an exotic oasis overflowing with an abundance of beauty. Lush rainforests cover the landscape in a canopy of emerald green. Cascading waterfalls pour over the precarious ledges of magnificent rock formations, and white-sand beaches meet up with the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

You are bound to find yourself mesmerized by the beauty of this enchanting place. If you are planning your next holiday getaway, consider staying at the Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort in Costa Rica.

The Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort Hotel in Costa Rica is a luxurious resort, perfect for those who are traveling to Costa Rica for a honeymoon, relaxing vacation, or anniversary getaway. The resort lies at the base of the Arenal Volcano, providing a unique landscape sure to inspire. The surroundings alone are enough to invoke a sense of relaxation.

Accommodations: The Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort has a myriad of lodging choices sure to meet your needs. Pick from their honeymoon suite, deluxe premium room, superior premium room, superior room, and forest room. Each of these rooms offers a unique view of the tropical rainforest or exotic gardens that surround the resort. For those who are traveling with family, consider investing in a co-joined room on your stay. These rooms provide separate sleeping quarters with a door which allows access between both areas. Whichever option you chose, you will not be disappointed.

Tabacon Resort

Tabacon Resort

Services Offered: Guests at the Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort can be assured of having all of their needs met. Emergency medical care is available to those who are in need of medical attention. Cribs that meet U.S. government standards for crib safety are available to guests in need of infant sleeping accommodations. Room service is available, as well as candlelit dinners in outdoor bungalows. If you are in the mood for a vigorous workout, visit the fitness center. If you want to visit town and engulf yourself in the local culture, transportation can be arranged to and from the hotel. For those who want a relaxing spa experience, visit The Grand Spa. Enjoy a soothing massage as you succumb to the aromatic senses of the fragrant, tropical flowers that surround you. Whatever your need, the Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort Hotel will do their best to accommodate you.

Leisure and activities: The Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort is surrounded by a landscape and culture that provides its guests with a myriad of options when it comes to fun and exciting activities. Hike to the Arenal Volcano for an adventure of a lifetime or trek through the dense rainforest. For those who are willing to take adventure to the next level, enjoy a white-water rafting trip on the Rio Toro River.

Hot Springs: The hot springs is a favorite of guests at the Tabacon Grand Spa and Thermal Resort Hotel in Costa Rica. The water in the hot springs is warmed by the magma lying deep beneath the earth’s surface. Relax in the warm, calm water as a blanket of steam rises up around you. Your muscles and mind will feel relaxed and refreshed after a long day of adventure and fun.

Staying at the Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort in Costa Rica will give you an experience that will last a lifetime!

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