Top 5 Costa Rica Beaches at the Pacific Coast

The success of Costa Rica as tourism capital in Central America is due to its ideal weather conditions and the large variety of ecosystems. One of the things that entice people to this part of the world is the presence of beautiful sandy beaches.

Costa Rica, meaning Rich Coast (in English) is all you need to describe this place. The beaches bring paradise to earth. Their beauty can brought out by the different features which you can enjoy whether at night or during the day. It ranges from the shore line, to the beautiful Costa Rican locals milling around the beaches.

If you would like to visit a beach, there are options that you can choose from and find one that suits your needs. There are however some beaches that are rated as the top beaches. It could be due to their location or simply their outstanding scenic beauty. At the Pacific Coast, there is the Nicoya Peninsula which is made beautiful by its sand patterns and a beautiful horizon. The beach line is also quite appealing to many.

Pacific Coast Beaches

Pacific Coast Beaches

Manuel Antonio is the second top Costa Rica’s beaches.This is one unique beach where you can go for scuba diving, snorkeling. If you do not want this underwater experience, you can take a walk along the sandy beach while you enjoy the scenery. There is a waterfall nearby that makes this a first class experience. Punta Uva and Montezuma is the third most recognized beach in Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. It is filled with coconut palms which bring out the full beach experience. It is a nice beach if you want to come into contact with the Costa Ricans and get a complete Costa Rican familiarity. There are also waterfalls that complete what can be called a trip to paradise. The other most exclusive feature is that this beach has a vineyard where you can get to enjoy the best fresh wines.

Playa Tamarindo being the fourth most favorite beach in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is unique in its own sense because on this beach, you can be able to enjoy a drink in the many bars while you enjoy the cool breeze of the outdoors. There are many other activities that you can indulge in and find entertainment. You could go swimming, shopping by the shore and even enjoy a nice Costa Rican dish.

The fifth most favorite beach in Costa Rica is the Mal Pais where you can be able to enjoy surfing. While you are still here, you can choose to sun bath. This beach can be said to cater for the mature people because, people have the freedom to walk around in whatever they please. There are drinks which you can enjoy while you take a walk through the beach. This would be said to be the best place if you want to take your partner out to a mature beach. It is mostly visited by couples.

These are not the only beaches that are there in Costa Rica. You have plenty of choices. You might want to sun bath or maybe not. While at these places, take the time to take a picture so that you can capture a memorable moment.

Author: Victor Campos

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