Vibrant Volcanoes in Costa Rica

(Arenal, Poas and Irazu Volcanoes in Costa Rica)

Costa Rica is a small paradise country, located in Central America, which offers just about anything a tourist can wish for – from the secluded small and luxury villas in the rainforest to some of the most vibrant and hip hotels in the major cities and the capital, San Jose.

The tourist industry is well-developed and offers World-class services and adventures. This is one of the few places on Earth, where you can go surfing, see jaguars and other exotic animals in their natural habitat, lie on the sandy beaches, or soak yourself in some of the numerous hot springs.

Costa Rica has also over 100 volcano formations, most of which can be found in the North of this beautiful Central American country; seven of them are still active, although the last major eruption occurred in 1967. These volcanoes and mostly the top three of them, Arenal, Poas and Irazu, attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Poas Volcano in Costa Rica

Poas Volcano in Costa Rica

The Arenal Volcano is an active volcano, which lies about 90 kilometers (about four hour drive) from the capital city San Jose, in the Alajuela province. The volcano’s last major eruption occurred in 1968 and it almost completely destroyed the city of Arenal. Even though it has been active ever since, it is one of the most famous Costa Rica’s tourist attractions and watching the flowing down lava, especially at night, is a sight not to be missed. Apart from its steep hills and perfect cone, of course, there are many other things to do and see around the volcano as well: the volcano is surrounded by a National park, beautiful lakes and numerous hot springs.

The closest town is La Fortuna and you can find many hotels and lodges in and around the Arenal volcano that offer not only great accommodation, but bilingual tour guides, and organize various activates such as bird-watching, hiking, rafting, and more.

The Poas Volcano (Volcan Poas) is situated in Central Costa Rica and has one of the largest craters of all volcanoes in the World with a diameter of almost one mile. Its last major eruption was in 1954 and it has been active since 1828. Poas is one of the most easily accessible volcanoes and has two crater lakes that are located close to its summit. It is surrounded by impenetrable forest that is the home of many indigenous species and exotic birds such as the scarlet macaw.

The Irazu Volcano is situated close to the city of Cartago, is the tallest active volcano in the country, and its last major eruption was recorded in 1963. The surrounding park includes 2309 hectares of cloud and lake forests, while the volcano itself offers unseen lunar landscape, five craters, and scorched trees. Only small birds can be spotted nearby the Volcano, but the oddly colored crater lake and the surreal surroundings make up for the lack of animals and vegetation. The volcano is one of the most visited places in Costa Rica and the paths that lead to it offer scenic overlook of the area.

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