Costa Rica Traditional Festivities

Costa Rica offers vacations to suit any traveler seeking a unique and exciting trip. Holidays to this ecologically diverse country offer visitors a chance to see mountains, plains, beaches, and rainforests.

When tourists plan a vacation to coincide with a traditional festival or a holiday celebration, it offers visitors a taste of Costa Rica’s culture and food. Deciding when to vacation in Costa Rica depends on your activities and the traditional festivities you wish to see.

When planning vacations to Costa Rica visitors must consider the weather as well as the holiday season. Costa Rica’s summer is considered the dry season. It lasts from December to April. Some Festivals during this season include San Jose’s El Tope and Carnival celebration that takes place at the end of December. For tourists, who would like to see a bullfight and enjoy a traditional fiesta, Fiestas of Palmares is an excellent reason to take a vacation in the first two weeks of January.

Costa Rica Festivities

Costa Rica Festivities

March through May offers celebrations for gardeners, history enthusiasts, and runners. Gardeners and flowers lovers should consider visiting Costa Rica in mid-March. The National Orchid Show in San Jose is the place where orchid growers from around the world gather to display, sell, and admire hundreds of orchids. April is often the Easter season, but on April 11, history lovers will enjoy celebrating Juan Santamaria Day in Alajuela. Santamaria is one of Costa Rica’s national heroes and the city celebrates with a series of parades, dances, and concerts to remember him. The month of May is the start of the rainy season and winter in Costa Rica. The rain lasts until September, but even the rainy season Costa Rica offers a number of excellent festivals to enjoy. Runners can participate in the Carrera de San Juan marathon in area surrounding San Jose and Cartago.

The months of July and August offer a number of entertainments including events on July 25 and August 2. On July 25, Liberia celebrates the day it became part of Cost Rica. Annexation of Guanacaste Day offers holiday travelers an opportunity to enjoy rodeos, bullfights, and other events throughout the day. Hikers might enjoy the experience of celebrating the Fiesta of the Virgin of Los Angeles in Cartago on August 2. Many walk from San Jose to Cartago’s basilica to commemorate this day.

September, October, and November also offer a number of holiday festivals. Costa Rica’s Independence Celebrations on September 15 are a good time to schedule vacations and enjoy festivals throughout the country. In October, Limon Carnival remembers Columbus’ discovery of the country, while November 2 rounds out the year with All Souls’ Day as a remembrance of those who have passed.

Author: Victor Campos

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